What Do We Mean by Vine?

So, what constitutes Vine Street? It’s not as trivial a question as it seems: the street arguably runs border-to-border, from the Ohio River to lake Erie.  This is because it becomes—fuses with? joins?—State Route 4 just North of the Carthage White Castle.  And State Route 4 runs all the way up to Sandusky.  Including all this would, of course, be silly. Or at least the subject of a much longer blog.  Besides: I have no desire to go to Bucyrus, wherever that is,

Beginning of VineLand

Another problem is that Vine isn’t always called Vine, even before it merges with Route 4.  Down by the river, at the roundabout where it connects with Walnut, it’s called Rosa Parks Street, and as it goes along the east side of the University of Cincinnati it’s called Jefferson, for no reason I can see, unless it has something to do with that whole president thing.

Anyway, it seems reasonable to set some rules and boundaries about what’s considered Vine Street for the purposes of this blog.  Reserving, of course, the right to break those rules and/or violate those boundaries whenever necessary (or whenever I feel like it).

Hillsdale & Vine — the last sign of Vine

So:  For the purposes of VineLand, Vine Street runs from the River roundabout, akawhere it meets Walnut, all the way North to the southern border of the City of Wyoming where, again for no discernable reason, it becomes Springfield Pike.  Actually, I can guess at a reason:  Springfield Pike sounds more town-and-country than Vine; Wyoming is perhaps the most well-to-do ‘burg along its length.

I know the definition is arbitrary, but who cares?  Consistency is, after all, the hobgoblin of small minds.

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