What Do We Mean by Vine?

So, what constitutes Vine Street? It’s not as trivial a question as it seems: the street arguably runs border-to-border, from the Ohio River to lake Erie.  This is because it becomes—fuses with? joins?—State Route 4 just North of the Carthage White Castle.  And State Route 4 runs all the way up to Sandusky.  Including all this would, ofContinue reading “What Do We Mean by Vine?”

Beginnings Part I

Benjamin Stites II was born around 1746 in Scotch Pines, New Jersey into a family recently relocated from New England.  At age twenty-two or so, he married Rachel Walden, and almost immediately, they set off for the western frontier, located at the time just south of Pittsburg.  They first settled on Tenmile Creek at the site of Pollock’s Mill, whereContinue reading “Beginnings Part I”