What Do We Mean by Vine?

So, what constitutes Vine Street? It’s not as trivial a question as it seems: the street arguably runs border-to-border, from the Ohio River to lake Erie.  This is because it becomes—fuses with? joins?—State Route 4 just North of the Carthage White Castle.  And State Route 4 runs all the way up to Sandusky.  Including all this would, ofContinue reading “What Do We Mean by Vine?”

My Love Affair with Vine

Not long after I arrived in Cincinnati, I noticed that a lot of things are on Vine.  Or just off Vine.  Or you could get there from Vine, and I began to get the idea that Vine is a pretty important street. Soon, I found myself eschewing the freeways, driving up and down Vine when I needed to get from NorthContinue reading “My Love Affair with Vine”